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Two Months and a Wrap

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Trouble at RuPaul's Low Orbit Fudge Factory is finished after two months.

Now it is time to embark on production for RuPaul and the Snow Bunnies save Christmas.


With Mrs. Claus out of town to visit family it didn't take Santa long to get distracted. Unfortunately, it was the height of the season and the critical timeframe for making the list and checking it twice to support adequate holiday toy production. Who would have ever thought that Trixie Mattel was at the center of the disruption and her hot and lurid affair with Santa risked ruining Christmas for billions of children. Trixie didn't care much for children but was excited by the marketing potential that her new beau offered her own budding empire after forming a new collaboration.

Fortunately the pragmatic Katya tipped off RuPaul to the goings on and together they were determined to set things straight...err...get Santa back to werk. RuPaul and Katya traveled as far north as they could using conventional means and then set out to traverse the arctic tundra to finally reach the North Pole. Along the way, Ru and Katya encountered some new friends who would assist in saving Christmas by using a little Snow Bunny magic. When RuPaul and Katya arrived at Santa's Village they had a mess on their hands and an emotional Trixie to deal with which required some quick action to get Christmas back on track.

Trouble at RuPaul's Low-Orbit Fudge Factory cannot be embedded on Wix due to the file size so I am giving Rumble a try.

Here are some stills

RuPaul addressing The Head AI interface at the Board Meeting

RuPaul interacting with one of her employees

RuPaul leading her team

RuPaul arrives on the bridge of the fudge factory space station.

An alternative view of the bridge

RuPaul discussing the fudge factory takeover with the captain.

RuPaul addressing a member of the bridge crew.

RuPaul looking fabulous.

RuPaul's arrival on the fudge factory space station.

RuPaul werking the Audience Room on the space station.

RuPaul lands on the space station.

Another view of the Audience Room on the space station.

I've made some progress since the prototype of action comics was created including story development, score, and editing. Motion Array has been great for adding royalty free elements to enhance the storytelling and especially the music available.

Below is the original concept for action comics created in September 2020.

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