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What's in a Brand Name?

For some context for the name and purpose in the founding of Ederhansel's World LLC and more specifically the name itself of the fictional character of Ederhhansel combining Eder (the E is hard and der is pronounced like Dah) a river in northern Germany and a first name Hansel. Ederhansel is an avatar emerging to spread love through his action comics.

Here's the related brand name origin story with components related to the originators of the comedy themes presented in the action comics from Wikipedia with some updates since 1708 for modern times.

On the banks of the Eder, in the town of Schwarzenau, near Bad Berleburg, a religious group was founded in August 1708; the Schwarzenau Brethren. Eight adults were completely baptised thrice in the Eder. This group emigrated to America where they are still to be found.[5]

The Schwarzenau Brethren were first organized in 1708 under the leadership of Alexander Mack (1679–1735) in the SchwarzenauWittgenstein community of modern-day Bad BerleburgNorth Rhine-WestphaliaGermany. They believed that the Roman CatholicLutheran and Reformed churches were taking extreme liberties with the true, pure message of Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. As they began to have the New Testament available in German and read it for themselves, they rejected the established state church liturgies and sacraments, including infant baptism and Eucharistic practices in favor of following plain New Testament practices.

The founding Brethren were broadly influenced by Radical Pietism understandings of an invisible church of awakened Christians who would fellowship together in purity and love. Radical Pietism emphasizes the need for a "religion of the heart" instead of the head, and is characterized by ethical purity, inward devotioncharityasceticism, and mysticism.

Some of the early Schwarzenau Brethren believed in universal restoration, a variant of universal salvation that foretold that after the judgment and harsh punishment described in the New Testament, God's love would one day restore all souls to God. 

Radical Pietism emphasizes the need for a "religion of the heart" instead of the head, and is characterized by ethical purity, inward devotion, charity, asceticism, and mysticism. Leadership was empathetic to adherents instead of sacramentalism. The Pietistic movement developed in Germany, led by those who believed a deeper emotional experience was incompatible with what they saw as a preset adherence to form, no matter how genuine. They stressed a personal experience of salvation and a continuous openness to new spiritual illumination.[2]

See RuPaul takes on the Draco Reptilians: The Story of Aeon and RuPaul and the Snowbunnies Save Christmas 2, Oh and Trixie too on the EderhanselsWorld Channel for related context. I am excited to announce RuPaul Takes on the Draco Reptilians 2: Judgement Day now in development from Ederhansel's World.

Will RuPaul escape her new toxic relationship with the Draco Reptilian Queen and finally free the Universe of Draco Reptilian rule? Not without a little help from Aeon and the Arcturians along the way.

Graysons My Dear Dicks: A New Batman Adventure currently in production and coming this May from Ederhansel's World. Watch all of the Ederhansel's World action comics concept art for adults on BitChute and Rumble.

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